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Get Downloads Fast!

Faster than you can say "top ranked."

You've been through this before. And experience has shown you that the ROI on most traditional advertising methods doesn't really pan out unless you have a massive starting budget to help you get noticed.

For a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising, we can give your apps a serious leg up in climbing rankings and at the same time help you collect unbiased user feedback in the form of written iTune App Store reviews.

So take a load off. Minimize your risk, redirect a small portion of the budget you're already throwing into advertising and we'll show you a better way to test and promote your apps.

What separates us from other promotional services?

Pay only for meaningful results - nothing more.

Our pricing structure, for all campaign plans, is strictly Cost per Action (CPA).

Other prominent advertisting models charge by views or clicks generated and don't promise you any real return.

With AppRebates, you'll only pay for the exact ends you seek for your app: actual downloads and user reviews.

Minimal integration,
no modifications necessary.

Our stated mission is to help our clients bootstrap and gather user feedback en masse to improve their apps, without sticking our noses in their business.

As such, we tally downloads by tracking user reviews in the iPhone App Store, so you won't have to tailor your app to our service in any way.

Just come as you are - we'll sort out the rest.

Campaign plans scaled to match your budget and timeline.

We remain especially sensitive to the immediate goals that you have for your app.

Whether you're gearing up for a full scale PR rush or just looking for some extra exposure and user feedback as you refine your app, we've got your number.

Contact us for pricing and scheduling one of these campaigns at